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New escape game book: 24 HOURS ESCAPE - Escape the Ring - The escape of the companions

The companions were on the journey to me for a long time, but now I hold my author's copies in my hands:

“ESCAPE THE RING - The escape of the companions” was published in the “24 HOURS ESCAPE” series by frechverlag GmbH under the magical responsibility of Stefan Droste.

And what kept me busy for several months?

—> A puzzle book with 24 closed double pages that sends players on a very individual journey. You decide and puzzle your own way through the book, the story and the puzzles.

You get support from the fate compass, an XXL map and of course a sophisticated hint and solution system.

With the 24 closed double pages it is also an ideal Advent calendar ;-)

For the frequent question “How does a puzzle book actually come about?”, this article contains not only pictures of the stylish end product, but also my favorite moments in the creation of the book: some highlights of my more than rough puzzle sketches and the flowchart of the different decision-making paths that you can take in the book.

Another novelty with this puzzle book: the international, completely digital collaboration with Júlio. Explanations of puzzles at a distance via video telephony + puzzle sketches are standard, but explaining puzzles in English and still embedding them in a German story at the end also made my head smoke :-D

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