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Even as a child, Annekatrin Baumann enjoyed doing puzzles on vacation and solving math problems on the beach - voluntarily. She studied audiovisual media in Stuttgart and deepened her love of logic, all forms of gaming and creative thinking. She has been working as a puzzle author since 2018, has published various puzzle products and gives workshops on the subject of puzzles and unusual solution finding. She fulfills her passion for creating new, tactile things by trying out new craft techniques and building escape rooms.

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Interview in the Landesschau BW,
SWR, broadcast from July 9, 2023

Introduction video fromTHE CREATIVE HOUSE

Presentation on the Instagram channel SWR Heimat,
Post dated June 19, 2023

SWR4 Traumberuf Interview

Short interview at SWR4 about the dream job of being a puzzle author, from June 26th, 2023

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Newspaper article in "Acher & Bühler Bote"

Guest in the NORTHERN TRUE CRIME Podcast

Speaker at the Future Congress Next Frontiers (Annekatrin Baumann)

As a speaker at the “Next Frontiers” future congress

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