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tatort GAME

Chat-based crime game that can be played via browser on all devices.

The players support the commissioners via chat in the investigation into a (fictitious) murder case at Eugensplatz in Stuttgart. You will receive messages, videos, pictures and voice notes and can therefore take part in what is happening. 

  • Development of the individual escape puzzles in coordination with the scriptwriter, so that puzzles and story go hand in hand

  • Playing time: approx. 2 hours (breaks possible)

  • Recommended age: from 12 years

  • Genre: Chat-based crime game

  • Release date: June 18, 2023

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Sherlock Holmes and the Scottish Sea Monster

Puzzle book that can also be used as an Advent calendar with the closed double pages.

The master detective Sherlock Holmes hears about a mysterious sea monster while traveling through Scotland. It is said to periodically haunt the local beach. Driven by curiosity, the master detective sets out to unravel the secret of the sea monster...

  • 24 closed double pages, each with a puzzle and story text

  • Non-chronological puzzle and story sequence: the players can determine their own path through the book

  • XXL map that documents game progress and is integrated into several puzzles

  • Adaptation of the complex hint and solution system

  • close collaboration with the three illustrators

  • Release date: August 2023

  • 112 pages

Escape English
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Escape English

Solve real cases and tricky escape puzzles in English
The players experience mysterious criminal cases from the past, crack exciting puzzles and learn English at the same time.

  • Two volumes published in parallel with different language levels

  • 5 chapters with a total of over 20 puzzles per book

  • Extraordinary, graphical hint and solution system

  • Close collaboration between bilingual author and puzzle designer

  • Release date: 2023

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tatort GAME

Game show with 4 guests from science, politics and civil society have to save another planet from the climate crisis in a fictional scenario.

  • ""Democracy on Fire" is a democratic political game show from Das Progressive Zentrum in cooperation with Futurium, the House of Futures.

  • Extraordinary format for illustrating democratic processes and connections.

  • Participation in the form of idea generation and game advice

moses Denksport Rätselmix
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Denksport Rätselmix

50 tricky puzzles to help you think outside the box


It's the mixture that counts. No matter whether word grid, dizzy or tea kettle: all puzzle lovers will get their money's worth with these various challenges.

  • 50 puzzle cards with the solution on the back

  • Recommended age: from 12 years

  • Release date: August 2023